Errol Crumpton

Profile Updated: April 23, 2010
Residing In: Stockton, CA USA
Best Memory at De Anza I made straight "A"s in 12th Grade and my Prom Night in San Francisco
Favorite Teacher Mrs. Flores
Favorite Class American Government
Spouse Children Grandkids No grandchildren as of yet.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Random thoughts

From September 1974 to January 1980 I was an Assistant Chef, then Chef de Cruisine then back to an Assistant Chef for Richmond Country Club, Mira Vista Country Club and Diablo Country Club. On January 12, 1980, I became a MPLSM Clerk for Postal Service. I first worked in Oakland Main Post Office until March 1987 as a clerk and Acting Supervisor. I transferred to Lodi Post Office as a clerk on March 1987 then went to Stockton Processing & Dist. Center and became a Processing Supervisor. I was a Supervisor in Oakland, Stockton, Modesto, Manteca and Oakdale. I had many titles and duties while I was in the P.O. I handled Injury Comp, Safety, Ergonomics, Emergency Preparedness, Mail Processing, Customer Service as a supervisor and OIC Postmaster in Sonora. I retired from the Post Office on July 31, 2009. I returned to work for Storer Transportation as a bus driver for Special Disabled Persons. I transport these people from their homes to Activity Centers. My Dad and I had an Appliance Repair business for many years for Air Conditioning/Heating, Washer/Dryer and refrigeration. I worked for the Bowling Alley behind the desk for over two years. My main priority has been work all my life.
I have been engaged three times and the last engagement I got married then an anulment. I'm in a relationship right now with a wonderful lady that I may marry in a year or two. I have no children but I am considering to have one now at 53 years old. I do have an adopted Son that is now 18 years old.
My biggest disaster was February 3, 1992 when I lost my mother. Her death devastated me for many years! The good thing is my father is 84 years old now and is in good health. My brother is 55 years old and is very healthy.
I have traveled to almost every state in United States plus been to New Zealand and Australia. I plan to travel more when I turn sixty when I will retire once again.

More memories

I was not that socially active in school other than learning and to get my diploma. The happiest day in High School was when I received my diploma. The funniest school story I can think of is when Kenny Schwark jumped up in the Library yelling my name and EVERYONE turned around to look at me. This was when I knew him the second day and I felt sooo embarrassed by making this scene in the Library. We talked about that event for many years afterwards.
One other memory that comes to my mind is breaking Malcolm Scott's arm when we were playing flag football. Five guys including Malcolm, ganged up against me at the line because I kept getting through the line and getting the flag from the quarterback. I felt really bad for Malcolm but I had no idea I did that until I saw the PE teacher take him across the center of the school where he told me what happened.

Current Occupation

I am Retired from the Post Office and I am a bus driver for Storer Transportation.

Siblings? Older/younger

I have one adoped Son that is 18 years old. He will be graduating this year 2010.

What have you been doing since school/Now?

I took college for two years total from Contra Costa College majoring in Appliance Repair and Consumes College in Elk Grove on Equine Breeding.

Did you attend any other High School?

I only went to De Anza High School.

What Grade school's did you go to? What story/memory do you have to tell us.

I went to Cornado Elementary School and Olinda Elementary School. I went to Juan Crespi Junior High for 7th and 8th grade. I was the honor student for being top in my math class at Juan Crespi.
The funniest story I can think of in Elementary was the teacher would not let me go to the bathroom after recess and I ended up going right there where I stood.

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Errol Crumpton has a birthday today.
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Errol Crumpton has a birthday today.
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