Mark Bogard

Profile Updated: June 8, 2015
Residing In: Bryan, TX USA
Best Memory at De Anza Performing in plays & concerts was a lot of fun.
Favorite Teacher Mr Gray
Favorite Class A Cappella
Spouse Children Grandkids Fiancée: Lisa Sweet
No offspring.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Random thoughts

"You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly."

Current Occupation

Shuttle Bus Driver.

Siblings? Older/younger

Susan, Lisa, Marjorie, Alfred, Amanda (deceased)

Little or unknown Fact(s) about me

As a general rule, little or unknown facts about any of us are probably little or unknown for a reason, and should probably stay that way. I'm just sayin'...

What have you been doing since school/Now?

A little of this, a little of that. Mostly stayed around the Bay Area working various jobs & marking time until meeting Lisa when we both joined the same cats group at Yahoo and just clicked. I flew to Texas to visit her a few months later, then moved there shortly after. We've been together since March of 2005.

I spent about 20 years collecting & breeding snakes. I got rid of them when I moved to Texas (Lisa doesn't care for reptiles) and now we have a house full of cats who adopted us.

What Type of car did you learn to drive in, make model
(outside of drivers Ed?

An old Rambler & a Ford Maverick. Busted up the Rambler pretty good shortly after getting my license, though it & the Maverick survived for quite awhile.

Favorite car of the Past that you'd like to own/drive Now?

1957 Chevy Bel Air Sedan, sky blue & white. Mom had one when I was a kid but it got sandwiched on the old Hoffman Boulevard one day and ended its days in a wrecking yard :(

Favorite Movie drivein? Memory

The Rancho & Hilltop drive-ins were favorite places to go catch a movie back in the day.

Favorite songs? Past Or Current.

Far too many to list, seriously. I like country, celtic, classical, jazz, world (a generic term for everything else). It's an ever-growing hobby.

Ever been to a concert? favorite one? Year/Place?

Been to many over the years, though the details are often difficult to remember for some reason. But I was particularly impressed with Rush, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Jethro Tull, Yes, Joe Satriani, ZZ Top, The Who, Rolling Stones, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention, and Capercaillie. I guess I was sober for some of those shows.

Favorite Vacation spots?

Lake Shasta was always pretty nice, great place to rent a houseboat for a week and get lost on the water.

Current Hobbies/interests?

Computer gaming, digital photography, old machines, planes, trains, automobiles, ships, air shows, technology museums such as the Maritime Museum at Fisherman's Wharf, and cats.

Favorite Tv show of the Past?

Loved all the Trek series, but 'reality' TV put me off watching the tube for years. Usint the internet to catch up on Superstition, Justified, and old shows.

How did you hear about this site?

Dwayne Bressem via Facebook.

Has this site connected you with an old friend? Will you stay in touch?

Hooked up with a few old friends via Facebook but fourty years is a lot of water under the bridge. Sorry to hear of those who have passed. We get more mortal as we age :\

If there was a chat Box here would you Use it?


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